Joy Sings My Body Electric

Joy sang my body electric when
her teenaged hazel eyes caught mine
a thousand sparks electrifying
my glowing soul and joyful heart
she stole my breath, gave me a start
that breezy April morning while
on sandy shores of Passion Isle
we sailed our kites among the gulls
and rode the gusts between the lulls

she sang my body electric when
reclining in our hidden glen
we’d hold each other tight and then
her undulations overloading
my neural circuits to exploding
she’d claw her fingers gently at
my sturdy legs and sweaty back
on steamy star-domed late May nights
in our sweet meadow of delights

Joy sang my body electric when
the day that I did realize
my future in her sparkling eyes
adoring me through gossamer lace
that softly veiled her radiant face
her white-gloved hand assuring me
and calming gaze enchanting me
she locked her velvet lips with mine
infusing me with joy sublime
and warmed by late June’s evening sun
we took the plunge and joined as one

she sang my body electric when
her lips erupting screams and swearing
her body suffered pain unsparing
when I first heard Mark’s toothless cry
I pled with God to reveal why
I’d signed up for this daunting chore
that hot July night just before
the morning when the world would see
our household grow from two to three

Joy sang my body electric when
she sent young Mark up to his room
for being the summer camp buffoon
and at my side she gave me pride
at how she took it all in stride
that balmy August afternoon
we knew that he’d grow up too soon

she sang my body electric when
she dabbed at salty trickles while
our handsome Mark walked down the aisle
we watched a rugged six-foot male
so nervously lift Sarah’s veil
that September day they sealed their bond
and stepped towards the years beyond
embarking on their journey to
adventures that would see them through

Joy sang my body electric when
on circus rides she’d whirl and spin
with Mark and Sarah’s young son Jim
she’d sometimes get his parents riled
she’d spare the rod and spoil the child
share ice cream on October nights
oh, how Jim loved those coloured lights!
as he grew, Joy was the dove
that showered him with “Nana love”

she sang my body electric when
on battered piano she would play
the tunes that made old faces gay
within that musty party room
and shoo away November’s gloom
those rainy nights when we would roam
the hallways of our nursing home

Joy sang my body electric when
she’d fill my belly up with laughter
and spreading smiles and spawning banter
regaling all the medical crew
she’d usher all her loved ones through
those dark December nights before
her body finally lost the war

she sang my body electric when
she lay beneath an earthen pile
from six feet down she called me while
to blackness did my soul decline
and pelt the ground with sorrow’s brine
that heartless January day
when Hades took my bride away
and silent stone and faded flowers
did usher in my anguished hours

Joy sings my body electric when
relaxing in my darkened room
I see her spirit in the moon
her soft celestial whispering
does cause my weary heart to sing
and hope we’ll one day reunite
and forge a star from golden light

and rising from her resting place
in testament to love and grace
on breezy April afternoons
while songbirds sing exquisite tunes
new vigor does the soil exude
and spring green shoots of love renewed

Joy sings my body electric

– Paul Raworth Bennett

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