To Rhyme is Divine

dismissive champions of free verse
are wont to scorn and even curse
the bards who like their poems to rhyme
as ignorant of thoughts sublime

but unlike when we binge YouTube
rhyme makes us solve a Rubik’s cube
not plastic squares of red and yellow
but grey matter, like hardened jello

well, rhyming schemes can lead astray
the message that you thought you’d say
instead you’re forced to reach down deep
for random thoughts that were asleep

what flows can often bring surprise
regardless if it’s truth or lies
and if the words are very smart
they’ll find a path into your heart

– Paul Raworth Bennett

(inspired by the words of Jericho Brown, guesting on the Poetry Off the Shelf podcast episode “The Truth Sometimes Rhymes” – segment between 10:00 and 11:30)