To Rhyme is Divine

dismissive champions of free verse are wont to scorn and even curse the bards who like their poems to rhyme as ignorant of thoughts sublime but unlike when we binge YouTube rhyme makes us solve a Rubik's cube not plastic squares of red and yellow but grey matter, like hardened jello well, rhyming schemes can … Continue reading To Rhyme is Divine

Ode to My Wheels

hey there, beautiful eyes! gorgeous, giant, round ringed by rubber eyeliner joined by steel tubes are you silently winking at me calling me seducing me yet again? you spin backwards counter-clockwise in invisible sockets dialing back my years you roll forwards chasing adventures pursuing discovery your spokes are two sets of eyelashes, fluttering at me … Continue reading Ode to My Wheels

A Love Sestina

A sestina is a poem with six stanzas of six lines plus a final triplet (called an "envoi"), all stanzas having the same six words at the line-ends in six different sequences that follow a fixed pattern, and with all six words appearing in the envoi. In this sestina, the six words are love, heart, … Continue reading A Love Sestina

Finally Learning to Fly

many years ago under sunny skies I, a young eagle who hadn't learned to fly watched with fascination at another, high overhead, soaring the blue commanding the thermals he landed before me, offering a fresh-caught salmon which I devoured his smile already knew my name instantly, we became friends he took me under his wing … Continue reading Finally Learning to Fly