Private MacPhee

🙂 To hear this poem, use the player below. 🙂 By Paul Raworth Bennett ~ for brave soldiers everywhere ~ He was a kind and loyal friend Who hailed from clan MacPhee And all the boys were jealous ‘cause He loved his girl Marie A lock of hair from her he kept Within a tiny … Continue reading Private MacPhee

May God E’er Turn Your Head

~ for Sara C, who's battling cancer ~ May God e'er turn your head To show you gorgeous flowers May peace e'er fill your heart Throughout your darkest hours May God e'er lift you up And keep your body strong So that your Earthly time will be Like summer days, prolonged And Sara, may you … Continue reading May God E’er Turn Your Head

She Sang My Body Electric

She Sang My Body Electric (for starry-eyed lovers everywhere) she sang my body electric that time her teenaged hazel eyes caught mine adrenaline sparks electrifying my trip-hammering heart she stole my breath, gave me a start that breezy April afternoon while we flew kites among the seagulls she sang my body electric when our bodies, … Continue reading She Sang My Body Electric

The Birds of Aleppo

by Paul Raworth Bennett ~~~ a tale of hope, for the people of Aleppo ~~~ The four-year war had become especially violent during the Fall.  Now the Army was closing in, choking much of eastern Aleppo.  Intermittent radio broadcasts featured Alawite songs, propaganda, and Assad’s reviled voice reassuring them that soon the rebel menace would … Continue reading The Birds of Aleppo