Inside the Writer’s Mind

~ for Amy ~ (... FINALLY I have time to write this letter! ...) Dear Amy, It’s been great chatting with you recently. Use an exclamation mark to convey more enthusiasm, Paul.  YOU again? Scram! Be gone! recently!  Bingo and I really enjoyed meeting Your Delightful Big Doggie, too! Sorry, I forgot its Whenever possible, instead of “its” … Continue reading Inside the Writer’s Mind

Revenge, Foiled.

by Paul Raworth Bennett 🙂 click here to listen along 🙂 Today, I almost did a terrible thing. My dog Bingo and I were taking our usual morning stroll, walking briskly west along an eastbound one-way lane.  As we passed in front of a daycare centre and playground, a row of angled parking spots was on … Continue reading Revenge, Foiled.