The Birds of Aleppo

by Paul Raworth Bennett ~~~ a tale of hope, for the people of Aleppo ~~~ Before the summer of 2011, hundreds of species of songbirds such as swallows, warblers, wrens, chickadees, and nuthatches would serenade and sooth the citizens of Aleppo, a Syrian city of almost 5 million. Twice daily, when the sun painted the … Continue reading The Birds of Aleppo

Private MacPhee

By Paul Raworth Bennett~ for brave soldiers everywhere ~He was a kind and loyal friendWho hailed from clan MacPheeAnd all the boys were jealous ‘causeHe loved his girl MarieA lock of hair from her he keptWithin a tiny boxAnd in his heart were memories ofTheir kiss back on the docksMacPhee had always relished lifeWith humour … Continue reading Private MacPhee