To Rhyme is Divine

dismissive champions of free verse are wont to scorn and even curse the bards who like their poems to rhyme as ignorant of thoughts sublime but unlike when we binge YouTube rhyme makes us solve a Rubik's cube not plastic squares of red and yellow but grey matter, like hardened jello well, rhyming schemes can … Continue reading To Rhyme is Divine

My 19-Part Resolution for 2019

Next year, I will... 1. Give at least 1,000 hugs, commit countless other random acts of kindness, and bring love to every interaction 2. Honor, respect and acknowledge both myself and everyone I encounter 3. Listen more carefully and communicate more thoughtfully 4. Poke fun at myself and litter my world with laughter and smiles … Continue reading My 19-Part Resolution for 2019

Writer’s Lament

by Paul Raworth Bennett It's New Year's Day, I'm uninspired And here I sit - hung over, tired Resolved to write, just peck away For fifteen minutes every day Who knows what stream of words will flow From foggy brains that rarely glow? If gold, how fortunate I am! If dreck, then I don't give … Continue reading Writer’s Lament